• When are you open?

    Boone Hall Plantation is open for tours 9am-5pm Monday-Saturday and 12pm-5pm on Sundays.

    Closed on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.
    We are also closed for regular tour operations on two other days during the year when special events are being presented. Those events are the Lowcountry Oyster Festival, usually presented the last Sunday in January and Wine Under The Oaks, usually presented the first Sunday in December. Check the special events page on the website for specific details..


  • How much is admission?

    Plantation tours are:
    Regular Adult Admission $28 (age 13+)
    Seniors-Military-AAA $25
    Children Ages 6-12 are $12
    Children 5 and under admitted free with accompanying adult

  • What is included with admission?

    All tickets are general admission which includes access to all tours presented daily.
    Each general admission ticket includes:
    • Entrance to Boone Hall on the world famous Avenue Of Oaks
    • NEW – Gin House visitor center, museum, and gift shop
    • Guided wagon tours across the entire property (weather permitting)
    • Unique “Exploring The Gullah Culture” are presented live outdoors
    • Guided tours of the first floor of the plantation home
    • Black History In America Exhibit is presented in nine original slave dwellings
    • History talks presented outdoors in front of dwellings gives information about exhibits inside cabins
    • Tour the outside beauty areas of the property at your own pace
    • Stroll through our outdoor formal gardens which are a showcase of color
    • NEW – Stable tours
    • See beautiful marsh views and wildlife on hand

  • What is a Gullah presentation?

    Gullah is the culture and language that arose from the enslaved people who were brought to the Lowcountry from West Africa. Each presenter puts his or her own unique touch on the presentation. RIGHT NOW, the presentation takes place at 11:15 a.m. and 2:45 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and at 1:15 p.m. and 3:15 p.m. on Sundays. This schedule is seasonal.

  • What are the scheduled times for the other tours?

    Other tours run continuously at different times throughout the day. Guests will receive a gate sheet upon admission that will give guidance as it relates to tour times.

  • How much time should I expect to spend at Boone Hall?

    Three to four hours. However, you are welcome to spend as much or as little time at Boone Hall as you would like.

  • What happens if it rains?

    Boone Hall is open rain or shine, but please keep in mind that most of your visit is outside, so dress appropriately. Also, we are unable to safely run the guided wagon tour if roads are effected by weather.

  • If weather affects my visit, can I come back?

    If there is unexpected inclement weather on the day of your visit, you can obtain a “second day pass” before you leave the property. This is usually good for one week, and is given out on a case-by-case basis,

  • Do I have to pay just to drive down the Avenue of Oaks?

    Yes. The admission is the same to enter the property past the admission gate area, even if all you want to see is the Avenue of Oaks.

  • What is the price if I do not want to do any of the tours?

    Regular admission prices apply to enter the property past the admission gate area, whether you choose to do any of the specific tours or not.

  • What is the price if I arrive at 4:30 pm?

    Regular admission prices apply no matter what time and day you choose to enter the plantation. Again, we recommend planning on spending about 3 hours to experience all of the tours available. So earlier arrival times are encouraged in order to be able to have a complete Boone Hall experience.

  • What if I purchase tickets online to visit on a specific day and want to change that date?

    Online tickets can be purchased for any day you wish to visit. However, if you purchase tickets for a specific day and for some reason would like to come on a different day, you can do that without having to change the date for your tickets. Tickets to Boone Hall Plantation are good for any one day the plantation is open for regular tour operations.

  • Do you offer memberships?

    Yes, we have year-long memberships. Single memberships (cardholder plus one guest) are $125.00, and family memberships (cardholder plus three guests) are $185.00. Please email us at to inquire about more information.

  • Are combo tickets available?

    Yes. There are three different Boone Hall Combos available that allow guests to experience two top attractions at a combo ticket price. To see details and book these combos, click here.

  • Do I have to use the Boone Hall part of my combo ticket on the same day as the other tours?

    No. The Boone Hall portion of your combo ticket is good for any day the plantation is open for regular tour operations. However, to be clear, due to capacity limitations on the boats,  booking a specific day and time is required for the part of the combo provided by our partners.


  • Do you allow pets?

    Pets are permitted on the property grounds ON A LEASH, but they are not allowed to go inside the plantation home during house tours, on plantation farm and nature tractor tours, or inside the Hospitality Center or Butterfly Cafe. Please pick up after your pets.

    For the safety of your pet and our staff and guests, we must ask that pets be left at home for our special events and when visiting Willie’s Roadside Market or for u-picking of featured crops in season. Only ADA-Compliant service animals are permitted in certain areas at special events in accordance with the Boone Hall Service Animal Policy. As noted in this policy, even service animals will not be allowed in the petting zoo, in u-pick fields, or at Willie’s Roadside Market. Please note that this policy is in effect for ALL Boone Hall Special Events and at Willie’s Roadside Market and should not be confused with Boone Hall Plantation’s pet policy stated above for guests touring the Plantation and Gardens.


  • Do you have food available on the property?

    The Butterfly Cafe on site sells snacks, a variety of beverages, pre-made sandwiches, hot dogs, pit cooked BBQ sandwiches, and delicious ice cream. There are some tables available inside the cafe for seating, but you can also bring food outside with you to eat at our many picnic tables. A gift shop is also available in this building that has a variety of Boone Hall items and souvenirs for sale.

    You are welcome to leave the plantation for lunch and come back, as long as it is on the same day and you have your Boone Hall admission receipt with you upon your return to the plantation.

  • Is there parking on site, and do I have to pay for parking?

    We have plenty of parking on site, and it is included with admission.

  • Do you have RV parking?

    Same answer as above.

  • Do you provide transportation?

    No. Uber/Lyft/taxi services are readily available to and from Boone Hall.

  • Is personal photography allowed on the grounds?

    Yes.  We are “America’s Most Photographed Plantation.” So we want our tour visitors to be able to capture memories of their visit to take back home. Tour guests are allowed to take personal photos of all parts of the property where our tours are presented and in the gardens, but not inside of the main house.
    IMPORTANT NOTICE: Drone photography and videography by tour guests and special events attendees are not allowed on any part of the property for liability and other reasons.

  • Is wedding and other types of professional photography allowed at Boone Hall?

    Yes, but the photographer is required to have an annual photography pass for wedding and other professional photography or any kind of organized photo shoots. The cost of the pass is $500.00 and allows entrance for the photographer with up to four guests. All photo shoots must be scheduled by the photographer and approved by Boone Hall management in advance, as times of access vary. The photographer can obtain a pass and schedule shoots with Boone Hall’s Director Of Weddings & Events.
    IMPORTANT NOTICE: The use of drones by professional photographers is prohibited unless prior approval in writing is given by Boone Hall management.

  • Do you have any farm animals?

    Horses live in the stables at Boone Hall and can be seen grazing in the pasture on most days. We do not have goats or cows or pigs or chickens or peacocks.

  • Is there accessibility for the disabled?

    All of the grounds are grass or hard compacted sand. Electric wheelchairs or motorized scooters work the best. It is important to note that much of Boone Hall Plantation is outdoors where the terrain varies in different areas on the grounds as is normal for most outdoor venues. So if a regular wheelchair is being used, it can be difficult to get around the grounds because of the terrain. 

    • The Plantation Mansion has approximately six steps to get inside and several steps from room to room. If the person is able to get into the Plantation Mansion and from room to room, the tour guide can provide a chair for them to sit down on in each room. If this is preferred, we ask guests to make this request upon being greeted by the tour guide on the front porch of the plantation home. 
    • The brick historic dwellings have two to three steps to get inside. However, because the interior of the cabins is small, everything inside each cabin can be viewed without having to move around too much . 
    • The Farm and Nature Tour has approximately three to four steps to get to where riders will be seated. Our staff can help get the person onto the tractor tour if needed. Once seated on the trailer that is pulled by a tractor around the plantation, riders remain seated for the duration of the thirty-minute tour. 
    • The live presentation about the Gullah Culture takes place at an outdoor theater. The theater itself is wheelchair accessible. But again, the difficulty comes in navigating the terrain to get there. 
    • The Butterfly Café is our on-site gift and snack shop. It is also wheelchair accessible.
    • Video tours of both the plantation home and the tractor tour are available on site as an option in lieu of taking those actual tours. Just inform a member of our staff and we will get that setup for viewing on a large screen TV that is located in the covered picnic table area across from the Butterfly Cafe. 


  • Market? Restaurant?

    The previous Boone Hall Farms Market and Café, which was located offsite, is now closed. Plans are on the drawing board to begin construction on a new Boone Hall Farms Market in the near future that will be located on the farm part of the property.
    In the meantime, please visit the Boone Hall Farms Roadside Produce Stand in season for fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh eggs, and local, raw honey. Presently, the plan is to reopen the stand for 2022 the first weekend in April. Once the stand reopens, updates for produce and u-pick will be given daily on the Boone Hall Farms Produce Information Line at 843-856-5366.  This stand is located on the perimeter of Boone Hall Plantation. However, you will need to leave the main part of the plantation to get to where this stand is located. The address for the produce stand is: 2434 North Hwy. 17 – Mt. Pleasant, S.C. 29464

  • Produce stand hours?

    Seasonal. The Boone Hall Farms Roadside Produce Stand is presently scheduled to reopen the first weekend in April for 2022. Once the stand reopens, hours will be Monday through Saturday 10am-5pm with fresh produce from our farm and agricultural partners. The stand is located at 2434 North Hwy. 17 in Mount Pleasant, S.C. 29464

    Select crops are available for u-pick operations at different times in the spring, summer, and sometimes in the fall. Please note U-pick days and hours of operation are subject to change based on availability and weather conditions.  For the latest updates related to produce and u-pick availability, please call the Boone Hall Farms Produce Information Line at 843-856-5366.

  • Do you sell cotton?

    No. We have a small demonstration cotton field that is used for education programs


  • Are guests required to wear masks?

    We are no longer requiring our guests to wear masks. The use of masks on the property is optional moving forward. We will continue to provide masks for our guests at the House and at Hospitality upon request.