Black History in America

The discussion of slavery is often difficult, but it is an important topic that must be discussed openly and honestly whenever plantation life is addressed. At Boone Hall Plantation we believe there is a responsibility to present the history of slavery in an accurate and educational manner each day in a way that pays honor and respect to that history and the progress of Black Americans.

Our Black History in America Exhibit features nine historic cabins, built between 1790 and 1810, preserved on the property of Boone Hall Plantation. These cabins that once housed the enslaved, have been adapted to present specific timeframes throughout American History. Visitors are able to see the different aspects of daily life, how black Americans worked and lived, struggles that were faced, as well as follow different periods of historical progression from the beginning of their arrival in America up to present day.

Themes for each cabin are as follows:

Cabin 1 – Praise House
Cabin 2 – Heritage Of Sweetgrass Baskets
Cabin 3 – Their Life & Family
Cabin 4 – Archaeological Discoveries
Cabin 5 – Their Work and Life
Cabin 6 – Emancipation & Freedom
Cabin 7 – Struggle For Civil Rights
Cabin 8 – Heroes and Leaders
Cabin 9 – Exploring The Gullah Culture

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There is no additional charge to tour this exhibit
Included with admission to Boone Hall Plantation & Gardens